People sell mobile homes for many reasons. Most of the time they are selling due to a life change. It could be a new job has caused the need to move or a new child means a need to buy a larger mobile home. Many times an inherited mobile home can become a real boat anchor as you realize that there is lot rent due monthly along with taxes, insurance, mowing the lawn, etc. The holding costs of a mobile home can really add up over time decreasing the net gain when you eventually sell the mobile home. It is not uncommon for mobile homes to sit for sale for over 7 months!

Sure you can easily rent the mobile home instead of selling it but, most mobile home parks will not allow you rent out the mobile home, even though they might be renting out mobile homes themselves! Most mobile home park rules state flat out no renting. Mobile home renters can also be a REAL nightmare that brings to mind one of those Mayhem commercials.

You will also probably take a lot of calls from folks that would LOVE to buy your mobile home IF you will sell it on payments. Mobile home contract sales are also forbidden in most mobile home parks rules. Even if contracts aren’t forbidden in your mobile home park, do you really want to sell your mobile home on a contract and take the risk of the mobile home buyer defaulting? Who is responsible for the lot rent in this situation?

Many parks are offering in house financing on their homes, whereby you are looking to or forced to sell your mobile home for cash. There are still very few banks that will finance a used mobile home in a mobile home park so you are stuck between a rock and a hard place if you really want or NEED to sell a mobile home quickly and you probably are going to be in competition with the mobile home park.

If you have found yourself in any of the above mentioned situations when trying to sell your mobile home, I suggest you give us a call and get your mobile home sold this week. With Spring in the air we have a real need to buy mobile homes to fill spaces. I think you will find that we are a fun and completive mobile home buyer that is quick and easy to work with