If you need to sell a mobile home quickly the first thing you should do is prep the mobile home and yourself for the sale. You should step back and take a look from the mobile home buyers perspective and ask yourself, “What are mobile home buyers looking for in today’s market?”

  1. Many mobile home buyers are going to want to know that they are dealing with the actual owner of the mobile home and that the owner has the title to the mobile home in hand and free of any liens. Do you have your mobile home title in hand? Is there anything standing in the way of the sale of your mobile home?
  2. Potential mobile home buyers are going to want to know exactly what they are looking at as an educated mobile home buyer. Mobile home buyers will want to know what year the mobile home was built, the name of manufacturer, the length and width of the mobile home, the number of bed rooms, number of baths, appliances included, condition, work needed, and are there the taxes and lot rent due on the mobile home? You will want to know this information and have documentation ready. When you have an interested mobile home buyer, you don’t want to delay the transaction by not being ready to make the deal happen when they are ready!
  3. Look around the mobile home “as if” you were a mobile home buyer. What do you see when you look at the mobile home? Is it clean and free of clutter? I prefer to look at mobile homes that are vacant as I can see much more of the good, bad and ugly! While this may be impossible since you still haven’t moved out of the mobile home yet, it will pay BIG TIME to clean up the mobile home and eliminate any unnecessary furniture and knickknacks.

Fresh paint is inexpensive and easy to apply. Most mobile home buyers are going to prefer clean, bright walls and ceilings, so go with white whenever possible. While bright colors may be great for you or your child, the idea is that you want your mobile home to appeal to the widest possible audience, when you really want to sell your mobile home fast! For some great ideas on how to fix up your mobile home visit mobilehomeliving.org IF you would rather just sell your mobile home as is / where is just contact us here at sellmobilehome.net

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