Dear Professionals Referring Manufactured Home Sellers,

If your clients are stuck with a manufactured home, we are your solution.

A common example of this is that your client wants to buy a home, but they can not qualify for a mortgage until they eliminate all obligations associated with the ownership of a manufactured home.

Or your client is wise and they want to rid themselves of the obligations associated with manufactured home ownership before they sign on the dotted line. Your clients do not want to overburden themselves, and who can blame them? This can certainly get in the way of your closing.

We are your solution when a manufactured home is holding up the transaction.

All you need to do is contact us (or have your clients contact us directly) with the year, make, size, and location of the manufactured home. We will be happy to make an immediate offer to purchase the manufactured home and can set up a closing in as little as 24 hours.

Contact us today to have that manufactured home sold tomorrow.



Marc Faulkner

Phone (269) 806-8802