Here are answers to a few common questions about the Mobile Home Finders Program…

How Much Money Can a Mobile Home Scout Earn Per Month?

There is no limit to what you can make per month. When you refer a mobile that we purchase, you earn at least $500 for every mobile home we buy.

*BONUS-at Just 3 deals a month, your fee JUMPS to $750 a unit retroactive to the first unit you found and we bought for the month in question! At 3 Units, in any one month period, you will EARN a total of $2,250 and $750 for each additional deal in that month!


How Quickly Can You Start Making Money?

Closings on mobile homes can happen fast. Sometimes in just 24 hours, but generally between 7 and 21 days. You could start making money as quickly as 24 hours to one week from today. You get paid when we buy the home NOT when we eventually sell it! We can close as soon as the seller can move out. Are they already moved out? Great then we can close NOW!


How Much Time is Needed to be a Mobile Home Scout?

You set your own hours and can start referring mobile homes as soon as you sign up. Just follow the step-by-step training material and put in however much time you’d like. In just a few hours per month, you have the ability to earn a sizable income. As with anything-you will get what you put into it and this is NOT a get rich quick scheme.


Are There Really Zero Costs to Get Started Today?

Yes. There are no costs to become a Mobile Home Scout and there are no costs to refer properties to us through our online system. All the training and tools you need for success are provided at absolutely no charge or obligation on your part.


Can You Be a Mobile Home Scout if You Don’t Have a License?

Yes you can. You’re not representing the owners of the properties you’re referring mobile home sellers to us. And you’re not engaged in the selling or listing of properties. You’re only referring properties to our company. So a license isn’t needed.


What if You Don’t Know Anything About Real Estate or Mobile Homes?

That’s ok. Remember, ALL the training you need is provided to you. Just read through the training materials and start taking action. It really is that simple. We will answer any questions you have as we suceed by helping you suceed.


How Do You Qualify to Become a Mobile Home Scout?

Sign up while this opportunity is still available. Just fill out your info below and click the “Become A Property Scout” button. You need a go-to attitude, a phone and a computer!

After you fill out your info and click “Become A Property Scout”, you’ll receive your logins to the Property Scout Back Office with all your training materials. See you on the inside!

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